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“TheTwigg is a journey. The journey begins here. The journey is on.”

I have been fascinated by the world of investment and shares but like most people have been challenged with the question where to begin? This question has at times handicapped me in taking the first step in the journey not knowing where to begin. There have been plethora of emotions and feelings which have held me back – fear, lack of effort, not taking the first step, being bogged down in life and on and on. In the process, I have learnt 2 things:

– “Not making a decision is a decision not to do anything.”

  • There isn’t enough literature out there for people to guide them through the journey holding their hand as they learn (which is where most people fail at investment)
  • There isn’t enough focus on teaching the kids at a younger age on Finance, Money and Investments (other than of course, Rich Dad from Rich Dad, Poor Dad).

TheTwigg is the a beginning of this journey, a journey where I learn and in the process find a way to share my learning with other people who are interested in learning and sharing (young and old).

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