We Make Investment Easy

TheTwigg is a shoot (a twig) from the realms of investment, finance, business and education. We learn and share investment ideas and in the process make investment easy.

We share experience and in the process help you build wealth. Sharing and Learning is the only way to be a better investor. Join us in this journey.

Our focus is on investments for the long term & strategies for generating wealth with risk management as the core.

Backbone of any wise investment is the business behind it. We look at the business as the basis of the strategies we make.

Investments tend to be driven the trends around the ecosystem and the timing of the trend. And the trends impact the potential of investments.

We start from the basics focussing on experiential learning and keeping it simple.

Anyone Can Invest, Most Don’t

Welcome to the Investment with TheTwigg’s. In this first episode we talk about the concept behind the podcast which is focused on making investment and finance easy for young and old including kids. We talk about the four pillars of investing with the foundation and concept of starting early, starting small. Remember “Anyone Can Invest; Most Don’t. And “Start Early; Start Small” – Santo

Moving Average

A moving average is one of the simplest form of technical indicators that can be used to read a trend in relation to stocks. Simplistically...

What is Atlassian?

“Don’t f*** the customer” was one of the founding values” upon which Atlassian was built. While ignoring the slang, what has separated Atlassian is this focus on the customer while enabling Teams across the globe. Atlassian is a public company with a ticker symbol “TEAM” which highlights what its core values are.

Stock Splits Are An Emotional Play

TSLA and AAPL have split. And their stock prices are over the roof. 

Investing Basics – Your Base Determines Your Rate Of Return..

Difficult times are times for great learning. COVID-19 is one of them. The other side of COVID-19 has the potential to differentiate the men...