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Unity Software – Developing Technology for Creators

Technology has advanced so much that the amount of content we consume every day is increasing. The internet is booming with content creators, and we are the consumers. 

Unity Software Inc is a software company that focuses solely on developing technology for creators. They seek to help content creators entertain and create real-time 3D experiences which will benefit every other industry. 

The San Francisco based company Unity Software Inc. has shown incredible growth despite having losses every year since it was founded in 2004. 

The American software development company is known for empowering creators across industries in the world. They aim to change the way creators create and  consumers consume the content. 

Unity Software Inc. – A Look at Their History

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, Unity Software started in 2004 as Over the Edge Entertainment. They later changed their name to Unity Software in 2007.

Unity is an American software development company that is now based out of San Francisco.

They are known for developing a licensed game engine called Unity, which helps create video games and other applications. 

Unity had three co-founders who shared the same vision of empowering creators and developing software to improve user experience. 

The Shift From Games To Software Development

Founded by Nicholas Francis (CCO), David Helgason (CEO), and Joachim Ante (CTO), they released GooBall, their very first game in 2005. Itmade them realize the potential in-game development software and tech. 

Thus, shifting their focus on creating simplified engines for other creators, the company emphasized on democratizing game development. They wanted to increase the accessibility of the development of 2D and 3D interactive content.

In the 2006 Apple Design Awards, Unity was named the runner-up for Best Use of Mac OS X Graphics. In 2007, they changed their name to Unity Technologies. Their dominance on iPhone was unparallel for a couple of years.

Unity Software, Inc. – The Outlook

It is essential to understand the morals, ethics, and vision of Unity Software, Inc. It will help you understand Unity Software’s progress in terms of its goals and missions. 

To build trust in a company, you must know their work culture and their approach. Unity has a unique software development strategy that has helped them monopolize the virtual reality realm. 

The Mission

To create a revolution in the software experience world, Unity aims to help creators with tools and technology. They are continuously working on better and newer products to help creators across industries. 

The Technology

Unity is constantly working on new and more advanced technology to make 2D and 3D experiences more accessible for software creators. 

They keep researching and developing better and more modified tools to help creators. 


Unity focuses on satisfying users. They align their work to suit the needs of their users.

.The core philosophy of the company is to  work together on ideas, and to learn and listen. They are always focusing on making the best ideas win. 

Unity Software, Inc. – Finance

Like any other company, Unity Software also relies on various investors and acquisitions to expand its revenue. Unity’s technology has become the source of  virtual and augmented reality experiences.  

It has helped them gain several investors and also acquire similar companies in the market. 

Unity Technologies raised more than $600 million in 2018. Other major investors supporting Unity Software include: 

  • Silver Lake
  • Draper Fisher Jurvetson
  • Sequoia Capital
  • WestSummit Capital
  • Thrive Capital
  • China Investment Corporation
  • FreeS Fund
  • Max Levchin

Unity Software, Inc had an IPO with an estimated value of $13.7 billion. In fact, they raised almost $1.3 billion in their IPO in September 2020. 

Unity Software, Inc. – Shares

In August 2020, Unity announced that they are planning to go public with their Initial Public Offering. Back then, they had 15,000 projects initiated daily with 1.5 million registered users.

Unity Software completed its IPO on September 17, 2020, at a total of US$1.3 billion. It was way more than their target price. 

Today, Unity has an estimated value of US$ 13.7 billion and can be found as a public company on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker NYSE: U.

Unity announced its plans to offer an initial public offering (IPO) in August 2020. , The company reported 1.5 million monthly users, with 15,000 new projects started daily.

Unity Software Inc — Progress

Unity launched their online market store, The Unity Asset Store, in 2010 to sell code systems, artwork, audio, etc. In 2012, they had 1 million registered developers. 300,000 of these used Unity every month. 

By 2018, Unity was making games and experiences for desktops, consoles, mobile, and virtual reality. 

Over the years, Unity has acquired several companies such as  Applifier, Playnomics, Vivox, and Tsugi. The company has grown in size and revenue. 

Despite the reported losses, Unity has been growing consistently, both in terms of employees and revenue.

In June 2020, Unity announced its partnership with Apple to enhance the Unity Engine, which would run on Apple silicon-equipped Macs.

In December 2020, Unity acquired MLAPI and RestAR. In June 2021, it acquired Pixyz Software, a developer of 3D data optimization technology.


Summing Up

Unity Software is a rapidly growing software development firm. They have shown immense development in terms of products and technology in the past decade. 

The rate at which technology is advancing, software development will be the future of the world. Creators across the world need best software to create content. With its products and unique technology, Unity has a clear vision. 

Ever since Unity has entered the stock market, their net value has only increased. The number of companies they have acquired over the year shows their power in the software field. 

Only time can tell whether Unity will thrive or not. However, we can definitely expect more unique products from them to empower fellow creators.

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