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Accolade – Providing Personalised Health and Benefits Experience

Accolade INC, as a healthcare company, teams up with employers to provide efficient healthcare solutions and support to employees and their families. Hence their vision is to create a population with better access to healthcare facilities, by having a tie-up with employers directly. This also enables to create an environment with a healthy workforce at any workspace. Healthy minds bring healthy solutions and that’s why large-scale employers team up with Accolade to cover the healthcare needs of their employees. 

Vision and Mission

Vision of Accolade is to ensure that every person lives a healthy life. The whole world has now understood the real meaning of being “healthy” post-pandemic, and how important it is to lead a healthy life. 

Every person has the right to live in a healthy environment and healthcare companies as a whole, strive to make it a reality. Having survived several waves of the pandemic, people have started to value heath over anything else. That’s where the vision of Accolade stands – to create a platform for everyone to enjoy that precious healthy life. 

Accolade carries out its mission with three factors.

(1) Expertise

Accolade guides its customers with benefits they can claim, along with personalised clinical guidance. This means that they can provide better healthcare solutions at lower costs and hence reducing the financial burden over the customers in the best way possible. Though all businesses aim over cutting costs for their end-users, the best quality outcome with lower cost in the field of healthcare is something very important to check upon. As these deals with good life, happiness and well-being of a society as a whole – definitely not something to be obtained with poor quality over low cost. Accolade employs expertise to bring up the best outcome. 

(2) Empathy

Empathy literally means the ability to understand and support the emotions and feelings of others. This is something very crucial and important in any organisation dealing with healthcare functionalities. Imagine a physician or a nurse being unable to respect or respond to a patient’s clinical conditions! Empathy being the basic requirement for any healthcare solution, Accolade prioritizes it by quoting it in its mission. The Accolade team is committed to reach its members with Empathy and compassion. 

(3) Technology

The digital platform for Accolade is cloud-based that holds sensitive data and clinical records. The Accolade team holds access to their members’ details and are readily available to respond to queries. Communication happens via text or video depending upon the user’s wish. 

Accolade Mobile

Accolade members gain access to the Accolade mobile app and it is loaded with the details of healthcare professionals. With efficient search options, the user can land upon the correct information needed, or an Accolade staff could assist.

Accolade IQ

Accolade IQ is accessed by the employers to analyse and obtain reports on benefits utilized by their employees along with their clinical end results. This tool helps employers to get an overall picture and volumetric data on how their employees are associated with Accolade.

Accolade InView

Accolade InView is a tool that enables Accolade assistants to have access to every member’s detail and health records. It allows clinicians to check history, medical files and acts as a single point for the whole team to work upon. 

Accolade Boost

Accolade Boost offers information about various campaigns that take place, from which the employer can choose suitable ones for their employees. For example, maternity health, immunizations etc.

Mental health integration care

Stress and depression prevail across the world more than ever before, thanks to the pandemic. This is mainly a survival issue that could arise due to loss of jobs and income. Any employer can link their employees to mental health benefits, but statistics show that most of the employees are not completely satisfied with the counselling or treatment provided.

This situation arises due to lack of tracking clinical outcomes. Accolade does not just stop with mapping stressed employees to counsellors, but it also tracks the quality of mental health care offered through feedback. Accolade teams up with Ginger, another organisation, to track and offer employees with mental health issues.

As the corporate and digital world expands, employees suffer from various types of anxiety both in the workplace and at home. By reaching out to Accolade, the member can communicate with a Ginger staff in less than two minutes. A psychiatrist can be brought to touch within two days, if needed. This type of collaborative model in offering mental health care plays a vital role in building a happier workforce, and Accolade is the right place to reach out.  

Accolade Total Benefits and Care

Many employees remain unaware of the total benefits their employers offer. At Accolade, they provide assistance in explaining and offering all the benefits covered without any hassle. Staff are available and ready to respond in just one step of contact through a text or call. Appointments to meet expert clinicians are arranged in times of need. This could be an option for obtaining a second opinion and it may pave way for an alternate treatment plan. With this option, an Accolade member can also cut down costs by skipping unnecessary surgeries. 

With Accolade total care, members are mapped to the right kind of providers with the help of a robust database. From there, the Accolade team prepares the members to consult their appointed physician. They even guide with a list of queries to ask the physician. After the encounter, they follow up and track clinical outcomes. This way, Accolade members enjoy the “Total care” they deserve. 


(1) Accolade works with a neatly designed health plan, equipped with a robust database, modern technology and well-trained staff.

(2) Accolade joins hands with employers to offer the best kind of healthcare to their employees, enabling a healthier and happier workforce. 

(3) With one step contact via text or call, the Accolade team is ready to escalate the member to the right clinician or expert.

(4) Accolade does not stop with just arranging consultations, but they track clinical outcomes and follow-up enabling a better health outcome. 

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