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Top 10 Technologies For The Next Decade

If the past year and a half have taught us anything, it is that we are shifting away from convention and tradition. Several businesses that the COVID-19 outbreak forced into going online are now choosing to stay that way on purpose. 

With our high dependence on technology at this stage, one can only predict its growth in the near future. While it could catch you off-guard, there is no need for you to feel overwhelmed. 

These top 10 technologies for the next decade will settle you for good so you can spend time developing instead. Without any further ado, let us dive right into it!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The world is hardly new to the concept of Artificial Intelligence and the past decade is evidence of its popularity. 

Sure, we might have gotten used to its presence in our lives. However, it continues to remain of just as much importance. That is, concerning the prospects and potential. 

The credit goes to its heavy significance in how we live, work, and explore our pleasures in life. AI leaves no stone unturned, from image and speech recognition to navigation tools and personal assistance. 

This growing popularity and relevance of usage have expanded its markets. With the expansion in markets, the industry sees growth too. Therefore, so does the need for labour that goes into it.

Edge Computing 

The new technology of Edge computing fortifies low latency with processing at high-speed data. It allows you to carry out computations closer to your regular data storage systems.

As a result, it leaves you will a much more improvised application performance. 

Several online and digital Cloud systems require such high bandwidth, and therefore adopt edge computing.

You can use edge computing for dealing with time-sensitive data that you can store in remote areas. You can ensure minimal access through the central location that serves you with many benefits.

No wonder it makes it to the top 10 technologies for the next decade!

Blockchain Technology 

Cryptocurrency has spread across the financial world like wildfire. And the reason why it is growing in popularity also lies in its almost un-hackable security system. 

All the points within a network benefit from the robust protection that Blockchain technology offers. As algorithmic ledgers, these are almost impossible to break into. So, your transactions are safe, secure and only within your control, unlike traditional currency. 

It is clear that Blockchain is here to stay.


Cybersecurity has probably been in your sight for a while now. Despite its presence over the past decade, its popularity does not seem to simmer down. 

This sense of popularity, in fact, stems mostly from the world’s dire need for it. Without robust security and encryption systems, no technology is safe for you to use.

You can never tell who can gain what access to your sensitive data. Let us just say that the roots of cybersecurity lie deep within the soil of privacy. And as we all know, privacy can never be irrelevant anymore. 

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual and Augmented Reality is probably one of the fascinating trends that technology has seen so far. 

These concepts have literally exploded through the past few years, and there is no stopping future growth either!

As you might know, Virtual Reality (VR) offers you a realistic environment of the world you live in, but through technology. 

The only way with virtual reality is up, be it in growth, popularity or necessity.

Augmented Reality (AR)

The same is the case with Augmented Reality (AR). It focuses on enhancing the environment you live in using elements that computers help you generate. 

Just like virtual reality, augmented reality also functions within the fields of gaming, education, and whatnot. 

Human Augmentation

Meanwhile, Human Augmentation broadly focuses on innovations and development, seeking to improvize our abilities and productivity. 

You might have come across such physical augmentations as prosthetics or AR lenses. Even the RFID tags that we infuse in our bodies count as the works of human augmentation.

The relevance of such technology is expanding since it can help with human cognition, motion and perceptive abilities. 

The Internet of Things (IoT)

While you might find the term unfamiliar, you come in contact with its outcomes every day in your life. 

The Internet of Things largely includes your smart devices, such as smartphones, smart TVs etc. All of these “smart” devices and objects rely on their connectivity to the internet to function.

Alexa, Siri and others could be great examples. They constantly gather and transmit data with the help of internet connections and fuel the domain of artificial intelligence. 

Big Data and Augmented Analytics

Big Data deals with exponential growth concerning the data this world creates. Meanwhile, Augmented analytics deals with a highly advanced analytical system for this big data. Artificial intelligence often fuels this technology.

Without the help of augmented analytics, getting through and verifying complex streams of data would be impossible.

Natural Language Processing

The top 10 technologies for the next decade also include natural language processing technology. 

As the name might suggest, machines and computers can comprehend what human language tries to communicate. It is responsible for the dramatic trajectory of how humans and machines interact. 

Therefore, understanding its pressing relevance is not very difficult. 

The Fifth Generation Cellular Network Technology (5G)

Lastly, but just as importantly, you have the fifth generation of cellular network technology. It is the fastest and latest cellular network technology yet. 

In fact, not a lot of countries even have access to 5G. Meaning, the only way here is up. It offers a faster and more stable networking possibility. 

Without this smart technology, you would lack rich connectivity and the ability to quicker multitasking.  

Summing Up

Innovation, desires and needs are the three factors that fuel the growth of technology today. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has ensured that the world cannot get away from the digital transformation. 

Disclaimer: All information in the site is provided for informational and educational purposes only. We are not a financial advisor. The information in this article is not intended to imply any recommendation or opinion about a financial product and is not a financial product advice. You should obtain independent advice before making any investment decisions.

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