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CPI Index and Small Steps towards success : The Morning Chai — 12-Jul-23

Today in The Morning Chai, we understand what a CPI index is, we discuss few ingredients for success and take a small step towards success.

Finance Bites — What is CPI?

Today the US inflation rate data as measured by the Consumer Price Index has been reported at 3.0% on an annual basis. CPI is a measure of change over time, in today’s case, over a 1 year period of the price of a fixed based of goods.

A US CPI over 3.0% Year-over-Year as reported today till June 2023 essentially implies that cost for households and in turn inflation has increased by 3%. CPI is an indication of the effect on households of prices for common goods.

Life Bites — What are the ingredients of success?

Over the last few years, a constant question has been arising in my mind.

What do you need to succeed in life and how can you achieve that? And I can’t seem to take away the following F’s from my mind:

4 F’s in Life — Fitness, Family and Finance With Focus at the Core of It

I can’t shake my head beyond the above 4. To be in the right frame of mind, you can’t go beyond the above 4, Fitness, Family and Finance with Focus being at the center of everything you do, be it learning and work or anything else.

Do you Agree? Share your thoughts in comments and do share better pictorial representations of the above if you are artistically savvy.

Santo’s thought to ponder

“The simplest ideas start from a small step.”

If you don’t take the small step, you never know what you can achieve.

Photo by Hayley Murray on Unsplash

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Most Mornings, I publish “The Morning Chai” right in time for your favourite tea or coffee with 3 short ideas/themes related to Life & Finance — the two ingredients for success. The idea of teaching Finance & Life skills to my kids has been the genesis of “The Morning Chai”.

“Thank You Satvik & Ritika — the love of my life for being my inspiration.” — Santo

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