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Covalent – Leveraging Big Data for Blockchain Data

Blockchain data points are gaining maximum prominence currently. The Covalent token is a prime example that one can state in favor of this. A coherent data structure with an in-depth focus on big data technology pushes this cryptocurrency to the forefront.

With the advent of Covalent, several heaps of unstructured data gain a proper format. This feature helps further in the decentralization of blockchain data API. 

History and Founders

Covalent is renowned for being built and handled by the youngest cryptocurrency developer of the world – Gajesh Naik. This 13-year-old developer is a prodigy who is the Alchemist Ambassador of Covalent. He is the founder of PolyGaj and is a web3 developer as well.

Ganesh Swami, a physicist and data enthusiast is the CEO of Covalent. He believes that Covalent can transform the entire operation of data APIs and the reassemblage of data. The overall transparency and utility of blockchains are enhanced manifold, according to him.

Mission of Covalent

The creators of this cryptocurrency state that the missions of Covalent are:

  • Weaving in innovation along with decentralizing the existing system
  • Improving security and bringing about increased transparency
  • Quantifying unstructured data and aiding in classification
  • Indexing all the blockchains available and offering API access to them
  • Broadening all endpoints in prominent web3 categories

Data Services Offered by Covalent

As of now, Covalent offers data services and has indexed nine blockchains. They include:

  • Ethereum
  • Binance
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
  • Polka Dot
  • Elrond
  • Smart Chain
  • Fantom
  • Cosmos

Essential Uses of Covalent

Covalent has an array of uses that are largely unknown to most potential purchase-makers. The major services are:

NFT Dashboards

This platform possesses several useful features that aid blockchain products. It helps to maintain records of liquidity, rate of interest (ROI), and price trends. The organizations that derive the benefit of this feature include:

  • NFTX
  • Chainguardians


The element of Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) and its constructability play a major role in this transaction. Around 200,000 ERC tokens are available at present due to this feature. Wallets showcase the following data:

  • Real-time portfolio value of assets
  • Historical balances
  • Historical positions
  • Algorithm-backed assets classification


Decentralized exchanges are the main aspect of Covalent that no other provider in the market offers. The quick access to taxable data ensures that all firms comply with the standards and follow the required norms.

Tradability of Covalent

The need for visibility in blockchain transactions is a long pending one. The makers of Covalent have made this possible with the introduction of CQT, which stands for Covalent Query Token. It is a type of governance token.

The users of this token gain more authority and access to the currency by introducing this scheme. Similarly, the network can also govern its users more effectively. The CQT scan increases the overall health of the network. It is known for being similar to Etherscan.

The various domains in which holders can present their opinions include:

  • Requirement of new data sources
  • Alterations in data modeling
  • Revision in existing parameters of the system
  • Staking purposes

Currently, Covalent is using Moonbeam as the settlement layer for all transactions. A para chain is also present on Polka Dot.

Highlights of CQT

The different highlights of CQT are:

  • Total sales spanning over $10 million on CoinList
  • More than 14,000 holders possessing the token
  • The overall yield from funding rounds was $5 million
  • Investors include Delphi Ventures, Binance Labs, Hashed Ventures, and Coinbase Ventures

Primary Features of CQT

It is important to be informed of the different attributes that make Covalent’s CQTs stand out from the rest of the contenders.

Multiple Chains Assistance

CQTs work simultaneously with several blockchains. Hence, the users can experience a lot more leeway than what is possible on single chains.


Decentralized finance will require extensive financial modeling to function smoothly constantly. The APIs provide granular data, enabling the users to form rapid, effective constructs from the raw form.

As a result, one can build applications that are rich in data and can be scaled immensely.

Large Quantities of Data

Covalent is known for indexing complete blockchains. Several terabytes of data work in tandem in the process of integration. The collection of data commences well in advance as a result. Hence, it is possible to begin this process before the setup of filters and queries. 

Solution for No Coding

The query code that all other providers use is absent in this system. It makes it convenient for users to work with the data in a rampant manner. The requirement for subgraph development, maintenance, and SQL queries are entirely nil.

Easy for Non-Tech Members

Users with a non-technical background can also reap the benefits of this token, making it highly inclusive. The overall tokenization process is quick and efficient as it is time-saving and not unnecessarily elaborate.

Key Customers of CQT

The primary customers of CQT are:

  • Reef Finance
  • 0X
  • Balancer
  • Zerion
  • ConsenSys

The Economics of CQT

According to research published by industry experts, the overall yield obtained from CQT will be between 3-20%. It is with regard to the initial investment. The supply and staking will be maximized effectively through this recourse.

The governance is maintained stringently, with the rough breakdown being:

  • Ecosystem – 20%
  • Reserve – 20%
  • Staking – 8%                                                                           

Most of the investments in Covalent are backed by venture capitalists. 

Covalent’s introduction of the Covalent Query Tokens (CQTs) has helped this currency to surpass multiple boundaries with ease.

The CQT caters to the requirements of Covalent enthusiasts with varying preferences. As a result, its prominence is skyrocketing rapidly while bypassing the drawbacks simultaneously. 

Disclaimer: All information in the site is provided for informational and educational purposes only. We are not a financial advisor. The information in this article is not intended to imply any recommendation or opinion about a financial product and is not a financial product advice. You should obtain independent advice before making any investment decisions.

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