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Signify Health: Bridging the gap between providers and patients

Signify health

Welcome to the new era of value-based health care! Welcome to Signify health!

The concept of health care has evolved so much around the centuries, that now people have started to look forward to home based consultations. The chain that has linked patients, providers and payers has been modified to meet the specific demands of healthcare seekers.

This means that – in future, one can get the best possible treatment almost at the same quality of hospital care, within the comforts of one’s own home. This method can eliminate the need for transportation, hospitalization and cut off a few expenses from the patient’s side.

Here comes Signify health, which manages a huge network of providers and patients, bridging the gap between them, and building a bond among them. 

Home sweet home

In the current era of new diseases and infections, it is instrumental for anyone to be able to access healthcare information in a single step. It has become nearly impossible to step out to healthcare facilities for every minor illness, especially for older people and disabled ones. 

Signify health eradicates the need to reach out towards healthcare facilities by bringing medical assistance to one’s doorstep. Let us imagine a case with a need for IV fluids or a single dose of injection shot. If the patient has to step out, more time and money are involved. This includes travel, waiting time and treatment time. A family member as a caregiver also needs to be present along, and it is complicated for anyone who has no one to come along. 

With Signify health, healthcare professionals come along with pharmaceutical supplies and hence anyone can enjoy the best treatment possible within the comfort of ‘sweet home’. This is why Signify health uses the term ‘homeward’ which is highly appropriate to the service it provides. 

Mission and Vision

Kyle Armbrester, the CEO of Signify health insists that better health begins at home and it is the place where one finds relief from all ailments. Health and happiness does not completely rely on clinical and therapeutic outcomes, but it depends on the quality of life one enjoys at home.

Taking healthcare solutions straight to home brings a drastic change in the lives of those seeking medical attention and are unable to move around. Sadly such cases are in continuous rise and Signify health puts forward a reliable solution. 

Apart from connecting patients and providers, Signify health cuts down medical costs by building a network of related professionals. The database and digital solutions they employ assist with better medical care and the company promises to take forward this methodology to build stronger communities.

How does it work

Patients use Signify health to navigate across their database and find suitable providers for them. Based on their requirements, suitable clinicians are mapped and a one-to-one appointment is scheduled. Services include consultation, extracting specimens for lab tests and therapeutic procedures. 

Locations of patients and providers are mainly used for this kind of mapping and Signify health employs clinicians from various backgrounds to meet the increased demand for home care. During these in-patient visits, the provider documents all information via Signify health’s digital platform and makes it available for the GP. This update is important and crucial in future decision making and taking forward the treatment to the next level. 

Digital revolution

Consuming products via digital platforms is rising tremendously especially post COVID-19. From food delivery to grocery shopping, everything happens online, thanks to GPS systems. 

The traditional art of healing involves physical sight and touch between the provider and patient. This builds trust and aids better diagnosis. But over a period of time, more clinical visits occur just to clarify a bunch of questions – which can be solved over any digital platform. Today, medical reports are shared online, clinical opinions are received over apps and even treatment plans are devised by sharing photos of affected areas. This also paved the way for initiating digital healthcare by connecting the patient and provider via video calls. 

COVID-19 changed the way everything used to happen before. Signify health also offers video calling solutions to face any difficulty in meeting physically, arising due to strict COVID-19 protocols in any specific region. 

Careers at Signify health

Signify health employs clinicians and technicians over a wide array of backgrounds and offers them a better workplace to grow. Providers can work in flexible timings adjusting to their needs and demands. Signify health offers an environment where clinicians can spend quality time with their patients. They need not hurry or rush up to close files as in case of regular in-facility visits. This is in compliance with the mission of Signify health.

Providers spend less time in typing and documentation, thanks to the softwares and other digital database platforms offered by Signify health. This also provides a better space for patients to interact more with their clinicians. The bond they share eases their ailments and helps recovery in addition to the therapeutic procedures involved. This kind of a workplace is totally different and leads to emotional and mental well-being of the workers. 

Signify health also promises a competitive pay scale and attractive incentives, based on the recovery state and feedback of the patients concerned. Some patients even recorded their feedback for a particular staff as the provider helped cut down drug costs on a larger scale. This is what is needed right now, in the current situation of financial insecurities and ‘stay safe at home’ campaigns. 

Social benefits

Overall, Signify health contributes to the betterment of communal and social well-being by bringing healthcare services to home. To sum up the benefits 

(1) It provides a safer stress-free environment for patients to relax during their treatment procedures.

(2) Patients are not separated from their family members or in other words, families engage themselves together in taking care of their loved ones.

(3) Signify health comes as a boon for elderly, children and those who live alone in fragmented communities.

(4) Signify health eradicates the need to travel long distances for people living in remote areas.

(5) It highly cuts down medical costs involved, by streamlining the network of people involved.

(6) It creates a better stress-free environment for providers with a decent scale of pay. 

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