Investing is difficult when you don’t know what to do – where to start, whom to follow, where to research and the like. We look at this aspect in this page to give you a head start. If you have any suggestion, please drop us a note at 

Anyone serious with investing in crypto, bitcoin, ethereum and the like needs to understand what is blockchain. Understanding the fundamentals of blockchain as an evolution of database and a digital ledger is paramount for anyone even remotely serious in investing in bitcoin. This will help you understand why blockchain is “the thing” as far as the future of global finance and technology is concerned. 

In this video, you can understand what is blockchain, understand how it function including understanding the roles of miners and nodes. You will also get a view of why blockchain is being considered so seriously and what makes it the future of technology in many spheres of life including its immutability, decentralisation and security using cryptography.

Understanding investing in cryptocurrency begins with understanding how bitcoin was founded within the backdrop of the financial crisis in 2008-09.

Understanding why bitcoin is touted as digital gold, how the process of mining works, and how bitcoin transactions form a bitcoin block in a blockchain will give you a good head start in the investing journey. 

As per Michael Saylor Bitcoin is hopeBitcoin is strategyBitcoin is digital gold and Bitcoin is the antidote to chaos. You can make a decision for yourself. 

The Bitcoin Whitepaper: Snippets from Satoshi Nakamoto's peer-to-peer electronic payment concept.

Crypto Twitter Influencers

Twitter is a great place to learn about cryptocurrency and follow the who’s who of crypto markets. 

You can choose to follow the influencers, YouTubers, Crypto Venture Capitalists, pioneers in this field and the companies and leaders in the forefront of this technological innovation. 

You can also follow projects and initiatives in the crypto space to be ahead of the markets and trends. 

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Top 5 Crypto Twitter Influencers

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Crypto News Websites and Referral Codes

To invest in crypto, you need to be abreast of the latest news and keep ahead of the trends. The above article looks at the top 5 news websites and sources of information from a cryptocurrency point of view. If you are a news channel and feel, you should be part of the list, please email us. Similarly, if you are reader and who believe there are better sources, we are happy to include them in the list as well. 

It’s good to use referral codes to open an account on exchanges to trade on cryptocurrency. It can save lots of crypto dollars in the long run. You can refer to these Crypto Referral Codes if you are interested in starting your investment journey and save dollars in the process. 

Top 5 Crypto News Websites

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Top 5 Crypto On-Chain Analytics Channels/Sites

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In Crypto, understanding the blockchain data is critical to understand what’s happening around its growth and usage. The fundamentals in crypto are linked to its usage patterns similar to internet. Unlike stocks, for crypto markets you need to be aware of the on-chain fundamentals through on-data. Here are some of the best places to understand the fundamentals behind the blockchain. 

Some of the great places for on-chain analytics are: 

Coin Metrics 
Santiment and 

Some of the top price tracking websites and apps for crypto assets helps you keep track of the price movements and trends in crypto markets.

The Price Tracking Video gives you an example of how you can research and learn about crypto trend, researching by various categories and follow trending coins, airdrops and perform portfolio analysis 

Crypto Exchanges

To invest in cryptocurrency, you have to start somewhere and a centralised exchange is the best place to begin. Especially, the reputed ones such as Binance and Coinbase. Some of the other crypto exchanges that you can look at are. 

OKx: Trading Made Easy
Binance: Trade With Ease
What is CoinBase – The de-facto Platform for Digital Currency
FTX – Exchange Crypto Online


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FTX – Exchange Crypto Online

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On Balance Volume — Could It have predicted Bitcoin peak in 2021 Nov?

On Balance Volume is one of the better known volume indicators used in Technical Analysis. OBV or On Balance Volume was popularised by Joseph Granville...

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