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How Different Industries Are Utilizing Trends In Robotics?

The robotics industry has become the focal point of growth for current and coming years. Robotics are notorious for revolutionizing and cutting-edge technology. They are affecting the way business and industries are channelizing their workflow. 

In the last decade, the robotics industry has been responsible for creating about a million jobs. Astonishing, isn’t it? With the rise of trends in robotics, it’s curious how different industries are using them. 

Let’s mull over the different trends in robotics and how various industries are acing them! 

Trends in Robotics 

Robotics is an ever-evolving field. Every couple of years, you’ll witness new changes in the industry. Here are the current trends in robotics: 

Robotics and Machine Learning 

For the robotics mechanisms, machine vision plays a critical role. Without machine vision, robotics will be unable to carry out their role. Robotics that integrate image and camera systems can tackle complex tasks. 

Also, machine vision algorithms are in charge of image assessment. The cameras on robots guide them to identify objects and the environment. Plus, they make sure that the robots operate smoothly without stumbling on anything. 

This camera feature is becoming more and more common every day. Thus, robotics can perform operations that require transportation, packaging, quality control, and assembly. 

Robots As-A-Service (RaaS)

With industries gushing towards digital evolution, RaaS business models are gaining massive traction. Robotics are enabling businesses and industries to fulfill complex and recurring tasks more efficiently and fast. 

In simple words, RaaS is improving productivity and cutting downtime. As a result, industries are saving resources and time spent on the production processes. They can cut down upfront expenses and push a more productive environment. 

Furthermore, RaaS is also offering leasing and rental options. This idea is augmenting the adoption rate of robotics across different industries. 

Delivery Robots 

Delivery robots are one of the most sensational trends of the current year. Health care facilities are using delivery robots to transport test samples and blood. 

DoorDash and StarLink are some of the delivery robots extending their service to the food delivery industry. 

Robots are also finding their application in large spaces like the Segway’s Loomo robot. This trend indicates one thing – smart drones as future delivery systems. 


Cobots are a portmanteau for the collaborative type of robots. It is a subset of robotics that explains the concept of autonomous machines. The cobots will be providing assistance when the industries require it. 

Several SMEs such as those in the plastic and rubber industry, automotive industry, food & beverage industry are leveraging cobots for their benefits. The cobots allow the enterprises to run at lower costs and enhance their overall productivity. 

You’ll also come across cobots with impressive mileage and payload capacity. For instance, Comau’s huge Aura has a payload capacity of 242 lbs. Also, FANUC’s large CR-35iA has a 77 lbs capacity. 

On the flip side, some robots can travel at a speed of 30 miles per day. Soon, we may also witness customized cobots according to specific requirements. 

Application of Robotic Trends in Different Industries 

Here’s how different industries and sectors are embracing the trends in robotics: 


One of the primary users of robotics is the health care industry. Since health is one of the significant concerns of humanity, research and development are constantly occurring. The industry also demands pace and accuracy. 

The truth is that the health care industry is pacing speedily regarding technology and innovation. One process where health care is using robotics is surgery. Robotics can deliver the precision that the surgeries require. 

There’s also an upper hand with robotics when it comes to risks and minimal incisions. The industry is using robotics for simple tasks such as the transportation of pharmaceutical equipment. 

Many pharma firms have rolled out life-changing equipment using robotics. In conclusion, the medical and health industry is making the maximum use of technology. In the coming years, the industry will witness a sharp rise in the use of robotics and innovations. 


The application and contribution of robotics in manufacturing are challenging to summarize. It is because the manufacturing industry craves technology and innovation. In short, the industry never slows down with its demands. 

On the other end, consumers’ demands are also awaiting the arrival of new technologies every year. The manufacturing industry is equipping robotics to meet the growing needs of people. 

Right now, robotics is only handling jobs like final assembly and inserting screws. The end goal of robotics is to cut down production costs, improve speed and efficiency, and invite better productivity. 


With the onset of automatic cars and electric cars, it seems like the transportation industry is way ahead with robotics. The industry is developing all possibilities to apply Artificial Intelligence in its outputs. 

Even with designing and testing, technology can detect all the faults and offer solutions to them. Sometimes the robotics lend a hand to manual labor to combat the issue of shortage of workforce. 

Cars and motorcycles are greatly profiting from this technology. More and more automobile companies are catching up with robotic trends. 

Law Enforcement 

Apart from manufacturing, transportation, and health, robotics can also be helpful for law enforcement. Considering the current trends in robotics, it doesn’t look like the films exaggerate the benefits of robotics in law. 

Though their applications have not yet become very popular in real life, there are minor preparations. Currently, robotics is proving its efficacy in explosive ordnance, mine clearance, surveillance, intelligence, and support. 

Robotics is also a part of emergency services like watch duty and fire fighting. But that’s not all. 

The law enforcement sector is yet to explore the maximum potential of robotics. Also, in the field of war against terrorism, the exponential value of robotics is all set to go high. 

Summing Up 

The ultimate goal of robotics is to improve efficiency and cut down staffing. The possibilities of the application of robotics are pretty exciting. Not all industries are on board with robotics, but the trends speak in favor of this collaboration. 

In any case, progress is indeed going to take place within these industries. And yes, robotics will be the prime focus of the developments. 

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