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Artificial Intelligence Trends That Are Dominating 2021

The current pandemic has pushed to the high rate of adoption of artificial intelligence. IDC predicts that the spending on AI is all set to shoot up to $97.9 billion in the next two years. With the health-related fury around the world, there has been an upsurge in the use of AI. 

AI is delivering promising results regardless of the industry or nature of work. Not only this, but AI is also one of the potential reasons behind refurbishments in the business sector. 

Be it cybersecurity or automated systems; AI is proving itself to be the jack of all trades. 

Are you already curious about the much-expected AI trends of 2021? In that case, let’s go over the epic AI trends of 2021! 

2021 Artificial Intelligence Trends: What’s Happening in the Sector? 

One of the primary focuses of AI is improving efficiency and filling the gaps in the workflow. Industries can also leverage AI to improve a stakeholder’s experience. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the key AI trends of 2021. 

AI Embracing Data Privacy And Cybersecurity 

With the advancement of technology, there have been growing threats to cybersecurity. Beyond securing user data, phishing remains to be the internet’s primary issue. Malicious activities seem to have taken the better of the internet. At this stage, the adoption of AI is critical. 

Artificial Intelligence will help combat serious cybersecurity threats. From spotting fake accounts to identifying false digital transactions, AI can have an impressive contribution. 

It’s no secret that multinational companies lose a large amount of their revenue to user data hacks. With the upsurge in cyber threats, more and more organizations will implement Artificial Intelligence technologies. 

AI for Internet of Things (AIoT)

AI is a commendable technology, and there’s no doubt there. However, when you combine it with the Internet of Things (IoT), the result will be an impressive business solution. The combination of these advanced technologies can change the face of the automation industry.  

In recent years, consumers have already witnessed innovations such as Google Nest, smart locks, smart plugs, and many more. Artificial Intelligence is good at filling the gaps of human needs. 

Though they presently work on command, there will be a time that they’ll analyze the scenario and deliver. In 2021, AI will no longer demand human intervention. AIoT-infused gadgets will take the concept of smart homes a notch higher. 

Machine Learning 

Many organizations and industries are interested in adopting machine learning. In 2021, this interest in machine learning is all set to rise by multiple folds. This year, the rise of data scientists will be substantial. 

Automated machine learning will enable non-experts to analyze and use ML algorithms. Tools such as Google Cloud AutoML will gain momentum this year. Such devices can help businesses accommodate customization without going through the complexities. 

Firms and organizations will be heavily dependant on cloud service platforms like Azure and Amazon Web Services that provide user-friendly ML templates. 

Progress in Computer Vision 

The next trend that’ll follow with Artificial Intelligence is facial recognition. If you use a smartphone or any modern gadget, you are probably aware of this AI output. Be it mobile phones, social media, or even the workplace, facial recognition has become standard. 

However, because of the pandemic, employees and people wear masks. As a result, it has limited the functioning of facial recognition. Computer Vision can help workplaces to monitor the compliance of these safety measures. 

Computer Vision is helping organizations and workplaces to track their employees and also identify them. This technology is becoming more prevalent in retail, aviation, healthcare, and finance. 

Chatbots Joining Hands with AI 

Chatbots are probably the most widely adopted outputs of AI. In one of the surveys, consumers claimed that they prefer talking to chatbots to human customer service. eCommerce websites and online businesses are equipping this technology to improve customer satisfaction. 

In 2021, you’ll notice that the efficacy of chatbots is improving significantly. The chatbots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and ML to understand the requests and inputs. 

The chatbots can facilitate natural communication by mimicking human communication patterns. Currently, most of the chatbot responses are pre-recorded. Customer service is more important now than ever, and chatbots seem like an innovative solution to that. 

AI Influencing Digital Workflow 

Before the current global health emergency hit us, businesses and organizations had nothing to address their fragile manual processes. 

But with the halt in offline working processes, companies started using various tools. The number of downloads for apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams was enormous. Such software is perfect for managing employees and improving customer experience. 

Automation tools are filling the gaps of a digital workforce. This digital trend in the workflow is here to stay for a good number of years. 

AI As a Part of Hybrid Workforce 

The current modern workspace is adopting a hybrid workforce. In simple language, the human talents will work in collaboration with the bots to improve workflow efficiency. 

In the past few years, digital assistants like VERA, Alexa, Siri, etc., have taken over the world. This league of human and bot collaborations will grow in the coming months. 

AI-Backed Processors 

AI-supported chips or processors can improve business processes. These advanced AI chips can streamline the application process requests. 

These AI-enabled chips can help with facial recognition, object detection, etc. 

Also, these chips can process NLP faster. Many firms like NVIDIA, Qualcomm, AMD, etc., are developing AI-enabled chips. These chips can improve the efficiency of AI applications. 

To Sum Up 

From enhancing workflow to beefing cybersecurity, AI is doing it all. With this pace of advancement, AI is all set to take over the world in the coming years. Considering these trends, we can conclude that AI is here to stay and dominate the upcoming years. The sooner the industries adopt AI technology, the more profitable it’ll be for them. The innovative possibilities of AI are endless. The only thing left to see is how industries and businesses adopt them. 

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