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Quantum Si – Decoding Life’s Molecules, Proteins

Quantum Si Inc was founded by Dr. Jonathan Rothberg in the year 2013. It is focused on revolutionizing the developing proteomics as a field. Quantum-Si has developed a complete solution for scaling preparation of samples, protein sequencing, and analysis of the data. 

Quantum-Si is a Connecticut-based start-up. It is widely known for introducing the world’s first-of-its-kind platform for protein sequencing at the Cowen Healthcare 2020. 

The Quantum-Si ecosystem comprehends all the things that are required to decode the life molecules; it involves the preparation of samples, sequencing, and analysis of data. 

About Quantum-Si 

The transformation from analog to digital proteomics enabled a new generation of research tools that are more sensitive and accurate. 

The company’s array of technologies is powered by a first one of its kind semiconductor chip. The chip is designed to enable next-generation sequencing of protein and genomics. 

It further digitizes proteomic research to enhance drug discovery and diagnostics beyond what has been possible with the help of DNA sequencing. 

QSi’s end-to-end solution includes Carbon and Platinum. It is on track to launch commercially in 2022 for research use. 

Quantum Si Inc’s Focus On Proteomics 

Quantum Si has been assigned 108 patents to cover their IP. These loosely break out into two groups– patents to cover the method of detecting proteins and patents to cover machine learning for identifying protein sequences. This is relevant because any competitor would independently need to work around both of these issues. 

The company also has the potential to significantly rupture the subsisting addressable $21 billion theoretical research and drug discovery market. The platform also may enable new diagnostic applications in healthcare. 

Quantum Si Inc: Company Outlook 

To gain more insights into the company, you need to know what the company aims to provide to the community. Its mission, ethics, and scientific methodology play a crucial role in understanding the unique approach of Quantum Si Inc. 


Quantum-Si is an innovative life sciences company with the mission to transform single-molecule analysis. The company democratized its use by providing researchers and clinicians access to the proteome, the set of proteins expressed within a cell. 

They have developed an exclusive universal single-molecule detection network. The network applies proteomics enabling Next Generation Protein Sequencing (“NGPS”). It can be used for the study of nucleic acids. 

It is believed that NGPS is going to uncover deeper biological information with improved resolution and access to the proteome at a pace and scale that is unavailable in the present times. 


The Governance Committee reviews these Guidelines periodically and recommends amendments to the board as necessary. These Guidelines are posted on the company’s website. 

The Board of Directors of Quantum-Si Incorporated has adopted some corporate Governance Guidelines. The guidelines assist the board in exercising its responsibilities and assist the board in complying with the Nasdaq Stock Market Listing Rules and other legal requirements. 

These Guidelines reflect the board’s judgment as it is related to the corporate governance techniques that the board uses to oversee the company’s business affairs. These Guidelines are not intended to change or interpret any federal or state law or regulation.


Quantum Si’s technology uses a sequencing approach. Quantum Si Time Domain Sequencing is mixed with a semiconductor sensing tool to sequence proteins, which includes post-translational alterations on a single-molecule level. 

With the application-agnostic technology, single-molecule resolution lets them gain powerful insights by never wasting precious samples and requiring minimal inputs. 

The company plans to launch its first platforms in 2022 for research use. 

Finances Of Quantum Si Inc 

Quantum Si Inc does not disclose all of its finances. However, these are some of the major financial information we could find 

  • Cash and Cash per share (mrq) 

During the last fiscal year that ended on December 31, 2020, the company’s total cash was calculated at $26.65 Million. 

Cash per share was calculated to be negative and stood at -0.24. 

  • Debt and Debt Equity 

The debts of the company were recorded at $1.76 Million during the last financial year. 

The debt-equity stood at 6.84. 

  • Cash Flow Statement 

The cash flow statement showed that the operating cash flow was recorded negative. Operating cash outflow for the year was -3.02 Million. 

  • Dividend And Splits 

The information about the dividend or the split factor is not known. It has not been disclosed by the company. 

  • Important Ratios

The calculated current Ratio of Quantum Si Inc was -8.08. 

Quick Ratio for the last year was recorded negative. It was calculated at -8.08. 

The Cash Ratio recorded stood at -7.06. 

There is one lead investor of Quantum Si that is 4Catalyzer. 

Quantum Si Inc was ranked 1,233,942 among other websites from all over the world. The ranking was based on the website’s 9,095 monthly web visitors. 

The monthly visits growth rate of Quantum Si Inc is 4.3%. 

Quantum Si Inc Share 

Quantum-Si common stock trades on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. The ticker code for the stock is QSI. Quantum-Si ’s CUSIP number is 74765K 105. 

As of the Monday closing, the stock price of the company was recorded at $11.87. The stock price was previously closed when it reached $11.09. 

The market cap of the shares of Quantum Si Inc is fixed at $1.62 Billion. 


During the past fifteen years, next-generation DNA sequencing has transitioned many aspects of the life sciences. However, genetics is just one of the components of human disease. 

We require new tools to get a better understanding of how genes act upon each other with the environment. This is done to enhance how the drugs are developed, enable diagnostics of patients, and cope with outbreaks. Protein-based approaches hold tremendous promise. 

The Quantum-Si Cloud offers its users a secure platform to manage samples, libraries, runs, and analyses. The Cloud also allows the developers to test and run customized workflows, then share them with the community on a broader spectrum if it is desired. 

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