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Exact Sciences Corp. How Its Curing Cancer?

Molecular diagnostics is a subject  of utmost significance at present. The principal application of this field of science is early-stage cancer detection. Exact Sciences Corp. is an American bioscience company that specializes in this domain .

Colorectal cancer was the main target area of research for this company since its establishment. However, they have gradually expanded their base to examine other types of cancer, including breast and prostate cancers.

Exact Sciences has launched several products to aid with detecting cancer and increasing the scope for early detection and prevention of tumors extensively.

Exact Sciences Corp. – A Look at Their History

The inauguration of Exact Sciences Corp. took place in 1995. Anthony Shuber and Stanley Lapidus established this company in Marlborough, Massachusetts, as a center to perform non-invasive tests to detect colorectal cancer.

In 2009, they collaborated with Mayo Clinic after drafting a license agreement and shifted to Madison, Wisconsin. As a follow-up to this major development, they ventured into the domain of acquisitions in 2014.

This growth sky-rocketed when Exact Sciences Corp. acquired several healthcare and genetics companies over the following years. It gave them sufficient leeway to continue experimenting with their star product – Cologuard.

With several co-promotions and sharing of technology with other companies of a similar outlook and overall mission later, Exact Sciences has firmly established its merit. Moreover, the immense value that it can provide has received multiple accolades.

The Focus On Early Cancer Detection

According to Exact Sciences Corp, the entire fight against cancer detection can become a whole lot simpler if the diagnosis is done earlier. Due to  late diagnosis,  most patients succumb to their condition, irrespective of the quality of the treatment they receive.

Patients are the sole focus of Exact Sciences, and their requirements are the foremost priority always.

The company strives to achieve stricter monitoring of treatment and adherence to proper regulations and guidelines. 

Colorectal cancer is their key area of specialization. Slowly, they are also exploring  other types of cancer and are actively working towards creating feasible cures and remedies. Some of their other areas of research include:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Multiple Tumors

Exact Sciences Corp. – The Outlook

For any company, its work ethic plays a major role in determining its overall authenticity and the trust factor. Therefore, let us delve deeper into the principal ideologies of Exact Sciences Corp to get a clearer idea of what they stand for.

The Mission

The primary mission of this organization is to detect cancer in its early stages. This feature goes a long way in boosting the recovery chances of the patient. 

Exact Sciences Corp also pays a lot of attention to integrating traditional approaches and the expansiveness of science.

They constantly perform research to keep widening the threshold of early detection, which gives patients the much-needed time frame to take action, with complete clarity in their thought process.

The Science

Non-invasive immunochemical testing is the science behind the research and products launched by Exact Science Corps. This company undertakes colorectal cancer and all of its associated screening tests.

After rigorous studies and comprehensive research, Cologuard, an FDA-approved product, was launched to ensure that the cancer tests could be performed well in advance.

The Principles

The principles followed by Exact Science Corps are quite simple. They believe in:

  • Quicker detection
  • Advancements in science and technology
  • Collaborating with other similar visionaries
  • Ensuring people are the primary focus always

Exact Sciences Corp. – Finance

Exact Sciences has acquired several healthcare companies and merged with a few of them to widen its research spectrum and boost the existing opportunities. The different companies that it has acquired are present below:

  • Mutual collaboration with Mayo Clinic in June 2009
  • Purchase of Sampleminded in August 2017
  • Acquirement of Armune Bioscience in January 2018
  • Purchase of Biomatrica in October 2018
  • Took over Genomic Health in 2019
  • Purchase of Viomics and Paradigm Diagnostics in March 2020
  • Took over Ashion Analytics in 2021

Exact Sciences Corp. – Shares

Exact Sciences is present on the stock market, with the NASDAQ registration of EXAS. They are an important contender in the niche of healthcare stocks. On January 31, 2001, they opened their stock with an initial value of $14.00.

Excel Venture Management is their primary funder. Over three rounds, Exact Sciences has raised over $1B in all. Their most recent investment was on July 29, 2020. .

Exact Sciences Corp Products Range

The different products released by Exact Sciences spanning throughout these years include:

ProductLaunch YearType Of Cancer
Oncotype DX® Breast Recurrence Score2004Breast
Oncotype DX® Colon Recurrence Score2010Colorectal
Oncotype DX® Breast DCIS Score2011Breast
Oncotype DX® Genomic Prostate Score2013Prostate
Oncotype DX® AR-V7 Nucleus Detect2018Prostate
Oncotype MAP™ Pan-Cancer Tissue  2020Multiple


Cologuard is the original product from Exact Sciences that shot them to fame and public attention. For patients who are unwilling to get a colonoscopy done, Cologuard is indeed a savior.

The detection of colorectal cancer through stool samples is now possible, thanks to the advent of this technology. This test can detect polyps up to a proven rate of 42%. Upon this initial detection, patients can proceed with a colonoscopy for the removal of these polyps.

Summing It Up

Exact Sciences Corp is a prominent bioscience organization that has transformed and saved the lives of several cancer patients. The fatality rate of the disease goes down by several notches as a result.

This type of cancer treatment has immense potential that will create a huge impact in the future. It will further give an impetus to other  similar non-invasive detection methods and a scientific approach towards treatment of cancer .

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