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What is Teladoc Health?

Teladoc is changing the face of care. Its transforming the nature of health care from being high touch, face to face oriented to providing “care anywhere”, as we like to call it or virtual healthcare as most analysts say.

At the heart of it, Teladoc is a healthcare company providing “right care where you need it most” anywhere virtually. Historically, healthcare and services around it have been touch oriented with people feeling the need to see a specialist or a doctor. Services providing urgent care and help over a phone or by video or via other technological means have been rare and far in between.

Teladoc is in the forefront of that change. At the core of their services, teladoc has a technology platform underpinning the services. A person needing an urgent service can reach a doctor 24*7 by creating an account on a Teladoc app on his phone, by providing his/her medical details and connecting to one of the several practitioners connected through the Teladoc network.

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