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What is Atlassian?

“Don’t f*** the customer” was one of the founding values” upon which Atlassian was built. While ignoring the slang, what has separated Atlassian is this focus on the customer while enabling Teams across the globe.

Atlassian Corporation Plc, commonly known as Atlassian, is a company that mainly focuses on the development of various software. Based and started in Australia, they are known to help projects, managers, and teams with innovative tools that they can at workspaces and organizations. Atlassian is a public company with a ticker symbol “TEAM” which highlights what its core values are. They have nine massive offices in some of the most renowned cities in the world. Their name stems from a famous story within Greek mythology, which was reflected in their previous official logo. 

Having served almost 200,000 customers and clients, they have kept growing in market value and brand image since they have started. 

Some of the leading products that Atlassian has developed include Jira, Confluence, and Trello. These are used by thousands of businesses and have made collaboration and planning so much smoother for everybody involved in a business. 

How Was It Launched?

The story of their founders is highly inspirational. Atlassian was launched by two students who happened to meet each other at the same university. All that Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar had was a simple dream when they started in 2002 with $10,000 of credit card debt.

2002 was an important time. Software was still in its infancy. Sydney was no-where even close to being in the worlds map of technology hubs and Scott and Mike were still young. They resisted outside venture investment for a long time. This allowed for a long term thinking while allowing for the ability to fail (with the founders all of 22 years old and both being university dropouts).

Atlassian became a registered company in 2002, and the very first employees were some of the founders’ friends from university. Jira 1.0 was the first product that was ever launched by them and remains the most distinctive one. 

Scott and Mike were able to resist the resist the urge of raising venture money too early because they were making money from the beginning (US $1.3 million in 2003).

A few years later, they released various other software such as Bamboo, Fisheye, Crucible, Clover, and Crowd. All of these have gone on to become extremely popular among audiences and have made workplace tasks far more accessible for an employee and manager alike.

They became the proud and successful owners of their first office back in 2009 in Amsterdam, and the numbers only keep growing. Over the years, Atlassian has also hosted several code-related cloud services to keep up with times and demands.

With a team of more than 5700 distinguished and talented individuals, it has come a far way from when it started in 2002. It has been voted the ‘Best Multinational Workplace’ by Fortune four times in a row and has also secured a spot in the ‘Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For.’  

Atlassian has also set up the Atlassian Foundation and has since then pledged to donate 1% of all their earnings, profits, etc., for charitable causes. They have also been listed under NASDAQ under TEAM in the past. 

(Source: https://www.businessinsider.com.au/atlassian-the-untold-story-how-two-australian-young-guns-built-a-company-headed-for-a-billion-dollar-ipo-2014-2 ).

What Does Atlassian Do?

It is difficult to look at just one thing that Atlassian is involved in since their products and ventures are spanned across several different areas. However, at the core of it all, Atlassian believes in making things more user-friendly, collaborative, and recognizing the strength of teamwork. 

For this very reason, they have come up with a range of products that successfully tie all of the loose ends that might be visible at a workplace or an organization. Here are some of the products that are considered the best. 

Jira Software 

This is a product that was released keeping in mind the importance of the software team and the time-specific tasks that might come their way. For this very reason, they came up with software that allows users to make their own stories to share with the team.

Not only that, but it lets a user release issues and distributes tasks to whomever they wish to. These tasks could also be changed and altercated according to priority and importance so that the work is clear and devoid of hassle. 

It comes with several different boards and roadmaps that allow the team to experiment with tasks the way they wish to and work toward maximizing output. There are also several other automation and integration tools that make this one of the best software in the market.

Their newest release has been Jira Work Management in 2021, which has been a great hit in the market so far. 


Everybody that has heard of document collaboration knows of confluence. It is a tremendous collective software that is especially helpful when it comes to remote-friendly work. It comes with pages and spaces, which are significant areas to think, edit, create, and discuss all of the essential tasks. 

It allows people to edit, create, and comment side-by-side in real-time, which can be of great help when working on collaborative projects requiring some brainstorming. 

Not only this, but Trello, too, has been highly successful in assigning tasks to a team and staying updated about the changes and deadlines. Both of these tools have performed brilliantly in the market since they were released. 

Acquisitions And Other Ventures 


In 2010, Atlassian acquired the rights to Bitbucket, a leading code management software that now specializes in collaboration, team-building, and group projects. After acquiring Bitbucket, it now offers unlimited commercial plans to its clients. 


After Bitbucket, Atlassian got the acquisition of HipChat. This platform allows users to chat and interact with people for work. Not only this, but Atlassian has also released a range of other products as extensions along with this. 

Continuing this, Atlassian has also gained the acquisition of the company ‘Hall,’ which is another famous space for messaging in an attempt to migrate all of their customers to HipChat.

Summing Up 

There are several other services and programs that Atlassian has come up with — the list is endless. Even today, the company keeps growing and doing its bit of Corporate Social Responsibility with utmost determination.

Atlassian believes in an extremely open and honest work culture. They are lauded by brands and developers across the world. 

We at https://thetwigg.com see an interesting connection between software, its trend (eg: move to cloud), and linkage of what Atlassian was done for the customer, which in this case were the millions of businesses out there. Essentially, Atlassian was connecting technology (enterprise software on premise and on cloud) with business (end-customer) and was doing so by enabling people and processes to make effective TEAMS. That’s the core of what Atlassian is and has become. Their creativity and positive work culture are what have kept them going after all these years too. Therefore, no matter what sort of service you are looking for to enhance your workplace in the future, Atlassian has got it covered.

Figure 1. Connecting Enterprises with Enterprise Software while enabling people and processes

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