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What is APPLE? The Most Valuable Company in the World

The world’s most valuable company — Apple Inc., valued at $2 trillion in 2020, does not really need an introduction.

It is one of the biggest multinational technological corporations, manufacturing consumer electronics and software. The company has maintained its position in the list of the most valuable companies since 2010. Plus, it hit the mark of $1 trillion in 2018, breaking records for the first time.

How did the brand reach this ground-breaking position? The answer is simple, by making their business plan customer-centric. That, along with a revolutionary strategy. Read along to find out all about how Apple became a product brand everyone wishes for (though only some can relish).

How Was the Tech Guru Launched – The Garage Startup Story

When Hewlett Packard Company rejected their intern — Stephen Wozniak’s microcomputer design, he shifted the operations to his high-school classmate — Steve Jobs’ garage. The third founder — Ronald Wayne, sold back the shares to Jobs within 12 days, unaware of the impressive heights Apple l, their first computer, would reach.

Following this success, Apple ll gained even more popularity in 1977, just a year after the company’s commencement. The founders made the company public in 1980 and continued introducing innovative concepts like graphical user interface, the Macintosh in 1984.

Despite the high-level marketing that consumers loved, its premium prices decreased the demand for Apple products. Moreover, the introduction of low-priced Microsoft Windows on Intel created further problems for the company.

Though Jobs had resigned in 1985, the new CEO — Gill Amelio, made Apple buy NeXT in 1997 and brought Jobs back. That was a revolutionary period for Apple when Jobs launched the iMac campaign, with a pioneering slogan — Think Different.

The user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing computer soon became the reason behind the brand’s significant upsurge. It was just the commencement of the company’s growth that followed the release of multiple smart devices.

These included iPhone, Apple TV, iPod, iPad, and multiple other Apple products that keep flooding the markets to date.

Not Limited to iPhone – Here is What Apple Sells

You are well-aware of the brand, Apple, through its mobile phones and laptops, but it does not end there. The company successfully crosses new milestones through constant innovation and product launches every year.

  • Macintosh: The company started as a computer corporation, and it maintains its PC market till now. The current Macintoshes include iMac Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and iMac.
  • iPod: Music players came to be known as synonymous to iPod Shuffle when introduced, but unfortunately discontinued in 2017. Nevertheless, iPod Touch still prevails as an MP3 player.
  • iPhone: With its first version introduced in 2007, iPhone has only climbed the ladder of success since. With multiple innovations in the display, user interface, camera, assistant, compatibility, and much more, the company launched the latest — iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2020.
  • iPad: Apple introduced its first tablet in 2010 and has since launched multiple versions, including iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. These tablets also saw two recent accessory introductions — iPad pencil and smart keyboard.
  • Apple Watch: What was released as a health and fitness tracking device in 2014 saw numerous additional features through its course. The latest version — Apple Watch Series 6, features blood oxygen measurement, ECG, and several other fitness features along with cellular connectivity.
  • Apple TV: Jobs released Apple TV in 2007, allowing users to connect it with iTunes, computers, and even iPhones. The latest update lets you watch all your favorite shows and movies by just purchasing the channels you like.
  • HomePod: Another exceptional device, HomePod is a smart speaker that also features microphones for voice control, calls, and a few other features.
  • Software: macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS are the prime operating systems Apple develops for its devices. Other software includes iMovie, Pages, Keynote, and other built-in apps.

Apple’s Business Technique – The Post Jobs Era and New Records

Steve Jobs resigned from the company in 2011 due to medical emergencies and died the same year with pancreatic cancer. It marked the end of an era, while the new one began with Tim Cook taking over as the CEO.

Though the company hit its all-time high during this period, i.e., 2020, it still lagged in the innovation sector. Currently, Apple relies on its brand identity to drive sales, which was previously the responsibility of new product introductions.

That being said, the company has launched a few revolutionary products and services post Jobs’ demise, upholding its top position. These include the Apple Watch Series, Apple TV+ services, and the latest — Apple Pay.

Besides, the brand has also announced two significant modifications in Mac. The first one includes all-new processors for the pc, based on the ones used in its mobile phones and tablets. These energy-efficient processors will help enhance the laptop’s battery life.

The second modification is in the mac operating system, allowing developers to run iOS apps on Mac directly. It elevates the competitive power of Apple computers and laptops by increasing the number of apps available.

Apple – Brand Loyalty

Do you ever wonder why your friends stick to Apple devices once purchased? According to a survey, Apple consistently tops the wireless smartphone customer satisfaction charts. That is because the company’s prime objective is to meet the needs of the users through new products.

From the first aesthetically pleasing computer to wireless AirPods and the soon to launch — Apple Car, the brand has users hooked in anticipation. The enthusiasm is so high that individuals pre-book the upcoming devices even before their launch date.

Wrap Up

Be it in terms of wearing casual clothes or following a horizontal hierarchy; Apple has nurtured individuality right from its inception. From recruiting Burberry’s CEO — Angela Ahrendts to hiring Paul Deneve (CEO, Yves Saint Laurent), Apple’s latest strategies are well-thought-out.

Besides, Apple also acquired Beats and released new consumer electronics in the premium sector — AirPods and Apple Watch. All of this, and the company still stands tall among the users’ favorites. Why, may you wonder?

Apple quite effectively uses the three mantras of brand loyalty — constant innovation, excellent customer service, and happy employees. And the results are hidden by none!

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