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Veeva – Aiding the Life Sciences on the Cloud

What Is Veeva Systems?

Everybody is aware that data, collaboration, and cloud computing are the future of the tech industry and all of the other spaces that it impacts. 

Veeva Systems specializes in just that, with a keen interest in areas such as Research and Development, Start-ups, Event Management, Medical Services, etc. 

They are one of the most famous and well-reputed names when it comes to cloud-based software that aids the life sciences industry across the world. Some of the companies they are closely affiliated with are extremely famous in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. 

How Was Veeva Systems Launched?

Veeva Systems was founded by Peter Gassner and Matt Wallach way back in 2007. Since then, they have only kept growing and thriving when it comes to serving customers, inventing software, and achieving goals.

Peter Gassner, one of the billionaires listed on Bloomberg, has worked with Salesforce and Silicon Valley Lab projects in the past before finally launching Veeva with a few other members. Since then, the team behind it has ensured that it grows to become one of the best names in the market. 

Veeva has its’ headquarters in San Francisco and has also set up offices in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. What’s more, is that it now has almost 10,000 employees working under them that are experts in different sectors and fields. 

Veeva Systems is regarded as the foundation and benchmark when it comes to digital experience and perfection. Their main aim is to create industry cloud solutions that aid in the process of providing data, services, and software.

Their company recognizes the importance of research and development and how much it directly affects the organization. Therefore, Veeva has been working to help companies of all sizes release their products into the market a lot more easily and quickly.

Not only that but Veeva has been known to exhibit immense consistency and ensures that the companies they work with do the same. Therefore, they make sure to provide businesses with the best possible outcomes when it comes to launching drugs, data resolution, development time, etc.

One of the latest announcements from their founders is their decision to convert Veeva Systems into a public benefit corporation. It means that they will now be a for-profit organization that also strives to impact society and the community positively. 

What’s more, Veeva Systems will become the first and largest ever public trading company that will now be deemed a public benefit corporation. 

What Does Veeva Systems Do?

Veeva has made a name for itself by working and collaborating with some of the top businesses in the world and offering them its services. They have also come up with a range of products that serve multiple purposes of its users. 

Here are some of the best products and other services that have been used and applauded by company’s time and again. 

Electronic Data Capture For Modern Clinical Trials 

Also commonly known as EDC, this clinical product helps greatly in clinical trials by introducing a fast, inventive, and sensitive interface that works brilliantly to track, compile, and review data from a lot of different sites. 

What’s more, is that it reduces any constraints and hindrances that those in the clinical field might face while performing a trial. Veeva does this by getting rid of the old methods and replacing them with modern technology and systems. 

It has helped a lot of different studies accelerate the cycle times that they conduct their trials. For instance, trials that initially took months are now completed in mere weeks. Furthermore, EDC also uses QuickView, a platform that works to provide the user with cleaner, faster, and optimized data. 

What’s more, EDC also allows a user to convert intricate protocols into an easy and sophisticated design. Another advantage is the fact that clinical users can also make changes and altercations in the middle of the study without losing time. 

Veeva Development Cloud 

Veeva Systems also specializes in a range of regulatory products. One such product is the Veeva Vault Registrations. It allows a user to access a global application that includes planning, reporting, and updating any and every news based on product registration. 

As if this was not enough, it also accumulates responses and notices from the subsequent health authorities and helps greatly in corresponding with them. It is a product that is known for its quality and safety across the world. 

One key benefit of using Veeva Vault Registrations is that it compiles and narrows down all of the data to look for any mistakes, discrepancies, fakes, copies, etc. It essentially helps a lot when it comes to increasing the value of the data. 

The developers of this product have kept in mind the fact that getting responses from health authorities is not a quick process. Therefore, they have developed a feature to keep track of all product-related queries in terms of registration to meet targets and deadlines on time. 

Lastly, they also use a largely encrypted system and link all of their end-to-end systems to increase efficiency and regulation in terms of security. 

Customers And Acquisitions

One of the most famous customers that have recommended and used the services provided by Veeva is GlaxoSmithKline. They have applauded and recognized the efforts taken by Veeva to contribute greatly to the acceleration of the digital transformation for the future. 

Some of their other customers and clients also include Nestle, Astra Zeneca, and Teva. Lastly, Veeva has also acquired the rights to Zinc Ahead, a content management software-based company, to align with their goal of creating a giant content management platform. 

Final Words

Veeva embodies everything that the future will be made up of. They strive towards a culture that largely depends on customer feedback and optimized solutions. Veeva currently works with 10+ industries and will only continue to make its services more accessible to all. 

They are currently helping greatly in making the pharmaceutical and digital sector accessible and extremely well-branched out. No matter what a business needs help with, Veeva always comes through. 

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