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Axie Infinity – Gaming or Crypto Investing?

If you’re into video games, you might have come across Axie Infinity. But have you ever thought that video games could be more than just a fun activity?   

The ultimate change is coming into the gaming industry. Apart from killing many guys in a video game, you can also look at games as an opportunity to invest. 

In this age of games, you can play, have fun, and earn a living altogether. This is precisely what most hardcore gamers dream of. If this idea excites you, get on with the popular Axie Infinity, where you earn while having fun.    

Axie Infinity: A Brief   

Axie Infinity is an online game where cute monsters finish challenges to win in the battle. These monsters in the game have a name: Axie. You can breed Axie in this game while playing and add to their training. Axie can then battle against your opponent’s team.   

The problem with previous generation classic games is that they add zero value to real money. From 1980s Elite to The Sims, the games had the option of selling and buying items, but you couldn’t convert that into real money.    

However, Axie Infinity offers you a different level by helping you earn. It is a play-to-earn game. So, the chances are, you would only stop to wipe the heat and sweat from your hands once you start playing.    

How Does Axie Infinity Work?   

The Pokémon-style game origin goes to Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie Infinity. It is important to note that there are 3,50,000 active players of Axie Infinity. Out of this number, 40% are Filipino, while the others are from the US and Venezuela.    

In Axie Infinity, players have to gather SLP or small love potion to breed more Axie. After the training process, these Axie get deployed in a battle against the opponent. 

In the crypto exchange market, the SLPs of Axie Infinity get doubled as cryptocurrency. A report says that the top players of this Pokémon-style game earn 1,500 SLPs per day. It is an amount equal to £317or US$435.   

However, it is important to note that SLPs prices change against dollars. Apart from the SLPS, you can trade Axie of the game in real life. It is possible in the Axie Marketplace through non-fungible tokens or NFTs.    

NFTs took the art line by storm, and they are digital collectibles in the online world of blockchains. Besides selling Axie, you can trade game items such as barrels, lamps, and real estate as NFTs.    

Earlier, unauthorized sites were in use to sell the game items, which got banned. However, as a dedicated place for selling in-game items, the trading has become secure for Axie Infinity and other popular games.    

Axie Infinity: Getting Started   

Getting started with Axie Infinity does not come cheap. For this process, you should have three Axie before you can start playing the popular game. It means you need to invest before you earn out of the Axie Infinity.    

Moreover, if you are looking for affordable options, you can buy Axie in the marketplace. These Axie cost $225-$250 per piece. So, if you wish to make a starter team, you might need about $700 for this game.    

It is important to note that the above amount is more than Xbox Series or PlayStation 5. So, it is surely for hardcore gamers. Investing in this game and leaving in a few days can be a huge loss for you.    

However, it’s a one-time investment in the Axie game. The Axie are open for resale and help generate awards in the game. As Axie infinity uses Ronin sidechain, you need to make a Ronin wallet and MetaMask.    

After this process, you can transfer ETH to Ronin, which becomes Wrapped ETH. You can then use it to buy Axie for your new infinity game. 

You can download Axie Infinity on your MAC, tablet, PC, or smartphone. Then, you must create an Axie account on the website.   

No matter the version you select for yourself, make sure to connect your Ronin wallet with your account. After syncing your Axie, you can get started with the monster battle.   

AXS Token For Axie Infinity   

AXS or Axie Infinity Shard is a governing token used in the game. It is useful for paying the breeding fees of your cute monster Axie. You can purchase AXS available in the form of cryptocurrency.    

The exchanges where you can get AXS includes FTX, Huobi Global, and Uniswap. Get your AXS from Uniswap by trading with your ETH wallet. To get ETH, you should buy at Binance or Coinbase using fiat money. Later, you can transfer it to an ETH wallet for use.    

By the next year, the AXS ecosystem is likely to expand its governance. Its play-to-earn features will expand as well. The game plans to remove the initial investment new users have to make before starting the game. They will offer non-transferrable Axie to the gamers.   

As mentioned earlier, Axie Infinity is taking the gaming world to new heights with its play-to-earn feature. People are greatly enjoying the idea of having a fun time and earning simultaneously with the help of a game.    

Besides generating money in the real world, players get to create a community of like-minded people with the help of a virtual world. They can get together and share experiences and drinks.    

Since there is a growth of play-to-earn games in 2021, the game will likely sustain long. The ability of people to earn real-world money through a virtual game is thrilling to hardcore gamers. It helps build a new group of friends from all over the world.   If this idea of a video game and earning excites you while enjoying a fun time, dive into the game and share your experience with us. Besides, there is nothing wrong with extra income! 

Disclaimer: All information in the site is provided for informational and educational purposes only. We are not a financial advisor. The information in this article is not intended to imply any recommendation or opinion about a financial product and is not a financial product advice. You should obtain independent advice before making any investment decisions.

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