Where to Start Investing?

I have been sitting and twiddling my thumbs for the last 1.5 hours; thinking where to start. And I am not even talking about investing here. I have been planning and thinking of how to start this article. In the mean-while, I have gone and done other stuff; less meaningful stuff, feeling frustrated and not even starting. 

Investing doesn’t have to this way. Investing is SIMPLE.

We get stuck in the plethora of information and at time amidst lack of information. Sometimes, its fear which prevents us and there are at time, greed and irrational exuberance which leads to our downfall. Investment is not a science and doesn’t have to be an art. Could Investment be an “art of science”? or an “art of maths”, “art of business”, “art of finance” or the like? Or an amalgamation of all these – sounds complicated.

Investment is common sense linked to an art of …

What the hell? If you try to figure out what investment is, you will never reach where you intended to go. And that’s begs the question? – Where do I start investing?

Any ideas? Any thoughts? Drop me an email or reach out to me at [email protected]  

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