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Top 10 Innovations For The Next Decade

2010 does not seem that far away. Does it? If we look at the technological advancements that have taken place in the past decade, it would be safe to conclude that we are now on an entirely different spectrum than we were ten years ago. 

Undoubtedly, many innovative milestones in the past ten years have significantly changed our lives. As change is the only constant, we will certainly witness the innovations yet to be seen in the coming decade. 

So, what will the 2020s look like? We talk about the top 10 innovations that are likely to change our lives in the next decade slowly dawning upon us.

1.   Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has already seeped into our lifestyles. However, innovations in the coming decade will be a testimony to an advanced level of AI. Today, machines can interact, learn and act intelligently with humans.

Some smartphone applications can interact with us on an emotional level to provide us with mental health support. Of course, that is no substitute for a human touch or a conversation. 

Nevertheless, the ability of machines to transform our lives through simplistic devices will be on the rise in the next decade. 

2.   Cloud Robotics Revolution

Cloud computing has become an essential part of our lives in today’s world. Cloud computing was our knight in shining armor during the pandemic. So, cloud computing in robotics will certainly facilitate robots with super brains as all the information gets stored online. 

The idea is to create robots with a substantially high intellectual capacity and flexibility in what the robots can do or the places that robots can work with. Cloud computing introduces a sense of hearing, comprehending, seeing, and understanding in robots. 

3.   Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things or IoT essentially refers to the fast-growing number of smart devices linked with the internet. We are already using IoT devices at home and at workplaces. Most devices around us connect to the internet. 

We use IoT devices such as smart refrigerators, digital watches, digital assistants, sensors connected to the internet, and other equipment that make our daily lives much easier. 

With the onset of substantial developments in AI, IoT devices will be expected to analyze the data to make an independent decision. It truly means that IoT devices will become smarter. Thus, minimizing human involvement. 

4.   Autonomous Vehicles

With the evolution of AI, cloud computing, and IoT, we are observing a rise in innovative transportation systems. We’ve already met the idea of driverless cars – which is an idea that needs improvising. However, the 2020s are expected to witness and perfect the idea of self-driving cars with the help of innovative technological advancements.

5.   Agriculture

AI and robotics are a wide web spread across different industries in today’s world. Multiple companies have provided different products with the help of AI, big data, and computer vision. 

With the dawn of the new decade, the growth of crops will get monitored through computer vision. Furthermore, robots harvesting fruits and plants will be a more common sight. 

6.   Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the sectors that has largely benefitted from innovations and technological advancements. We have already seen the invention of implanted and wearable devices, typically used in robotic devices, health monitoring, and telemedicine. 

In light of the same, innovations to help maintain patient records will rise in the 2020s. Additionally, the healthcare sector will also observe improvements that will help access a holistic view to a patient’s health. 

Additionally, with the evolution in cybersecurity and blockchain, maintaining patient records will be a routine task that ensures and prioritizes privacy. 

7.   Chatbots and Voice-Based Interfaces

Alexa, Google, and Siri are the commonly used chatbots in today’s world. In the 2020s, more businesses plan to use voice-based chatbots to interact with their customers. This trend will be a ground-breaking framework that will help carry out simple tasks such as customer satisfaction.

8.   5G

As we already know, most of us rely on the internet for a majority of our work. Considering our vast internet usage, it is quite natural to expect a high and faster broadband speed. In the 2020s, we should expect an increase in the potential of wireless technology with the implementation of 5G services worldwide. 

Many manufacturers are planning to produce more 5G phones to enable quick processing over the internet. 

9.   Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles and Drones 

Military operations have also enjoyed the benefits of innovative technological advancements. Devices like drones have changed the state of nature of military operations. In the 2020s, the impact of drone technology is essentially going to increase. 

This technology is going to be applied in firefighting, transportation, law enforcement, and rescue missions. It will help create a reliable mechanism useful for national and international security. 

10. Digital Realities

It is no secret that virtual reality has blessed us with an innovative and fantastic experience. The coming decade is expected to observe a mix of virtual, segmented, and mixed reality to create an immersive digital experience. 

These innovative advancements will play an important role in education, rehabilitation, marketing, entertainment, and training. Enhanced digital realities will provide a deeper understanding of concepts explained with the help of technology. 

Summing Up

The innovations mentioned above are some of the advancements that will influence our lives substantially in the next decade. Of course, the question about the longevity and depth of these innovations will always linger. 

Nevertheless, the 2020s are expected to be a period of milestone achievements for innovative technological advancements. With the evolution of artificial intelligence, we will surely witness most of these innovations come to life. 

Therefore, the 2020s could potentially be the epitome of science fiction come to life. So, be on the lookout for all the technological advancements that will do nothing other than potentially making our lives simpler and easier. 

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