TheTwigg – Weekly Note – 3rd May 2020

I am finding it hard. And difficult to start. Just realising that the investment universe is so large and I know so little. Plus hardly know where to begin.

And this is wherever the advantage lie in following a journey. It would be good for me to share what I am learning through this process and maybe in few years time when I reflect back, I will realise how trash I was and how good we have all become. If I am able to achieve that goal and am able to translate that our combined success, I will be really happy at the end of the day.

COVID-19/Coronavirus is on the top of my mind and has been over the past couple of months with varied thoughts. I have gone through thinking this as an

  • Opportunity
  • Feeling the pain of loved ones struggling through this unprecedented times (it does touch everyone)
  • Fearing at times what if it hits any of us near and dear ones
  • Going through periods of planning for the future (will and the like)
  • It has been mixed – a mixed bag of feelings

And this is where I feel there is an unprecedented once in a lifetime opportunity to really get into investment/stock markets, learn in the process and learn and face an event that has happened once in a century. I pray that we all fight back and come out stronger on the other side of COVID-19 in 2020.

The markets have tanked since the news of Coronovirus spread with nadir being on the 22nd March. Markets (NSADAQ/S&P500) have rebounded in style which has left me confused as to the direction the market is taking. I feel there is a long drawn bounce back to its previous lows coming over the next couple of months. But, can’t be so sure. If it comes, I would want to be ready to take advantage of it with cash ready to be deployed.

Today, I also realised that there are a plethora of words and terms related to investment (investment jargons) which are difficult to understand and have their own nuances. Over the course of this journey, I will learn and share those as well with you. Stay tuned.

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