TheTwigg – Weekly Note – 24th May 2020

At times, it’s not easy. As I found out in the last 2 weeks. It’s not easy to find out time and to keep it going. It is difficult to push yourself not knowing whether it is the right thing to do. Just as this activity of mine is. As with everything, there are doubts that creep in and desire to move forward wanes.

There are certain common themes that have affected me over time; just as it might be affecting you. I wanted to let you in my mind, so that you can follow the journey as well with the cognisance of the fact that nothing is easy; and we are all in it together – in this journey of finding your own goal. 

Few common themes I have found out over the years that have held me back have been: 

  • Not having a goal
  • Not having a passion linked to a goal
  • Not knowing if the effort is worth it

Quiet a few of them have been linked to starting small. And the effect on that small start. We don’t the first step because the first step is small and the effect on that small step doesn’t substantial at that point of time. 

In such a situation, we are stuck between a vision which is far off and a start that needs to be made which seems small and distant. And the vision seems blurry and non-existent. Most of us lead life this way. And there are seldom people who are able to see that distant vision clearly to be able drive their way forward and taking the whole world along with them. 

What I am writing, seems like a rant (I haven’t even read it again), but it does. And its because of that small step and the feeling of un-surety around it.  There are others who plough through by taking those small steps making it bigger every time and unearthing a vision or goal in the process. In either case, a step needs to be taken, a move needs to be made and a question needs to be asked: 

“Are you moving forward?”

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