TheTwigg – Weekly Note – 10th May 2020

An early start to investing gives you a head start. Begin as early as you can as u have more opportunities to succeed and learn from early failures.

An important week it has been for me. Wherein my son has reached an important milestone having turned 13.

I hadn’t realised that until I saw the beautiful handwritten card from my daughter for her brother. He had entered his teens.

Couple of days back I had ordered couple of books from Amazon with one of them being a gift for my teen. Both the gifts reached dot on the day of his bday and much earlier than Amazon promised. What a wonderful thing Prime is?

One of the book I have ordered as a gift is “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, by Robert T. Kiyosaki. I wanted my teen to begin his teenage life in the right footing with an understanding of Finance. Hopefully, he can learn a few things on Finance early on which even the schools don’t teach.

I have been trying to ingrain him to read books on investing for a couple of years with mixed success. Hopefully, Rich Dad should be a good teacher. If you are serious of investing, I recommend you buying this book too.

In the last 2 weeks, I have bought a Phillips beard trimmer, a Phillips hair trimmer set, a gift for my son and Children of Eden for my son to read. I have received a gift card from for now teenage son al the way from United States and have received another gift from my sister for my son. And all of these through a single source – Amazon.

“Amazon is here to stay”

I have got all of these for free delivery (I am a member of Prime) and have been able to watch the latest series “The Test – A new era for Australia’s team” while all the time being at home during this Coronavirus time period.

And I have sold some of Amazon stocks while the stock price has reached a high of approx $2400.

“Amazon is poised to capitalise on the new post Coronavirus economy although the intervening time period can be heady..”

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