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TheTwigg is a shoot (a twig) from the realms of investment, finance, business and education. We learn and share investment ideas and in the process make investment easy.

We share experience and in the process help you build wealth. Sharing and Learning is the only way to be a better investor. Join us in this journey.

Our focus is on investments for the long term & strategies for generating wealth with risk management as the core.

Backbone of any wise investment is the business behind it. We look at the business as the basis of the strategies we make.

Investments tend to be driven the trends around the ecosystem and the timing of the trend. And the trends impact the potential of investments.

We start from the basics focussing on experiential learning and keeping it simple.

Concept of Time & Money

In the last article of Investment we understood what investment is. We will take the concept further to discuss various elements/dimensions involved in understanding...

Start Early, Fail Early

We were at the lunch table having a discussion. My kids were having none of it on my proposal to make a calendar for...

TheTwigg – Weekly Note – 3rd May 2020

I am finding it hard. And difficult to start. Just realising that the investment universe is so large and I know so little. Plus...

What is Investment?

The Oxford dictionary defines Investment as "the action or process of investing money for profit." In very simple terms, in my mind, to invest is...

The Beginning

As I write this in the middle of the night (12:02 AM, is what I see on the clock), there are myriad thoughts that...